This new Digital Library portal contains the metadata of the YouTube Channels of the world's Top Universities.

Viewing University Videos within the Digital Library provides viewer-enhancements that will make these videos attract and keep more viewers.

You really have to give this a try! WHAT TO LOOK FOR

User Benefits: there are four main user-enhancement features to watch for:

  1. Video transcript plays in sync with the playing video, enhancing the user experience
  2. Video Search - enhanced and advanced search capabilities, plus hit to hit navigation
  3. Video Clip and Share - instant and automatic sharing of important video clips
  4. Video Transcript Navigation, allowing viewers to jump to any spot in the video

Click here to watch an explainer video

There are features/benefits each University will receive:

  1. Search Engine Optimization for each University YouTube Channel, to make sure University videos get found and viewed
  2. New video searches keep viewers on the Digital Library portal
  3. Clip & Share features brings new viewers to the University Digital Library portal
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